String Trio

String Trio


A line-up and a repertoire, which features 'all the good and all the bad' that string players can utilise.

The String Trio of Tatcho Drom

Many Eastern European and Balkan regions have in their old music traditions a line-up which is intimate and light, a minimalistic version to what people often expect from Balkan music. In the past, music was performed by string instruments such as tamburasouds or balalaikas, sometimes viols or fiddle-type instruments, and a voice. It was music of archaic beauty, containing a magic which gets lost by noisy instruments.

Tatcho Drom’s string players have always indulged in those pieces. When social distancing rules meant only three people could rehearse together, we were challenged to think creatively, and produced this unique repertoire for performances. Whilst Tatcho Drom as a five-piece line-up perform at festivals, big parties and other types of large gigs, the smaller strings line-up works really beautifully in studio theatres, art cafes, for dinner receptions and in other intimate and sophisticated settings.